what we offer

At Perennial Counseling, we hold for you that spring is coming and that healing can happen. In this space, you and your loved ones will begin healing from the hurt and trauma that has you stuck. Whether it is individual counseling or relational counseling, we believe that in holding this healing space for you and your people, the parts that hold the hurt can learn to know and to see the real you.


how we work

We are a trauma-informed practice, offering client-centered, somatically minded therapy. Each clinician will offer their own approach to provide you with a safe space for you 

to access the inner stillness, confidence, and compassion that you have been missing. It is in this work that offers hope and healing to whole being, released from the burdens the trauma has carried for you.

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Find yourSelf and discover how you bloom.

individual therapy

Do you feel stuck? Or like you’re missing something vital in your life? Just as a tulip knows when spring has arrived, you have innate knowledge of how you grow best. We are here to offer you the therapeutic space to give you what you need to tend your inner garden so that you can walk life as the beauty you are.


We offer weekly and bi-weekly therapy sessions, typically 50 minutes, at $120. Ask if you need sliding scale, as we keep a certain amount of spaces for folks at lower fees.

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Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing is a powerful tool to unlock your brain from trauma and ingrained thinking. It has been studied extensively and found to be efficacious for PTSD and other diagnoses as well. Read more about EMDR here.

If you are finding yourself stuck in the same coping patterns, the same self-critical messaging, the same dehabilitating trauma symptoms, EMDR can help.

Withered Bouquet
couples therapy

Being human is inherently complex, and being a human with your partner intensifies that experience.

At Perennial, we offer space to you and your partner to learn how your experience is uniquely yours and how that experience can shift and mold into one that reflects the deep, authentic connection that you share. Using IFIO as our model, the parts that keep you apart can morph into parts that hold space for your intimacy to deepen.


We offer 50 minute or 90 minute sessions, at $120 or $180 respectively, meeting weekly or as you and your partner need to come in. 

Internal Family Systems
Growing Plants

Internal Family Systems, or IFS, is a way of understanding self that opens up a path deep self-knowledge. This modality is an excellent, non-pathologizing tool to access a way of moving through the world other than the way your upbringing, relational experiences, complex trauma, and inner fears have taught you.

Finding a new path isn't easy, but partnering with one of our clinicians that are knowledgeable in IFS can provide you with the safety you need on this journey.


No Surprises Law

Our practice works with your healing in mind. That means putting first your peace of mind and moving toward the goal of living your life past this trauma.

We are doing our best to adhere to all national guidelines around keeping you informed in the process of therapy while also prioritizing YOU. 

Read more about the NO SURPRISES act below and always reach out to us with questions.