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Katie Larson - MMFT / founder / knitter / gardener / cardigan wearer extraordinaire

In the natural world, plants know intimately when to show up and show out. In my experience, each of us as humans also has access to this knowledge; what it is to let go of what the world has asked of you and embrace who exactly you are meant to be.


I am client-centered, somatically informed, and trauma minded. I incorporated EMDR, IFS, and other body based tools to rewrite your stories and to access the inner stillness, confidence, and compassion that you have been missing. It is in this work that offers hope and healing to whole being, released from the burdens the trauma has carried for you.


For my own growth, you can find me tinkering in my garden, identifying plants at local hiking trails, and baking at home for my three boys, two sons and husband of many years.

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EMDR level one trained

IFS circle member

TF-CBT trained

somatically minded

MMFT graduate of Trevecca Nazarene University

Supervised by Tonya Robbins, TN1368

MAT, French from MTSU