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we offer

neurodivergent affirming therapy

Your brain actually works differently. 

And that is not a problem.

Working within a framework that doesn't see your brain is.


you're starting at a baseline of total acceptance

It's exhausting not to.

Having to explain yourself constantly (& check yourself!) takes so much energy. Wouldn't it be nice if the way you are is actually okay?

Then you could just move on to the pieces that really aren't working.

no matter your brain

Total acceptance. It takes all brains to create, innovate, explore, fine-tune, and enjoy the world. 

Let's let go of all of the misunderstood and let's be curious in how your brain is (& has been) serving you.

let's explore

The way it's been hasn't worked so great. The way forward is being found as we go. What will we find?

Let's go.

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