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Hi! I'm Katie Larson.

A relational therapist for someone who feels really disconnected from life, from their relationships, from who they are. Through therapy with me, you find connection and understanding to your Self that you have lost along the way.

As a late-diagnosed neurodivergent individual myself, I love offering this space to folks finding out what it means to live (and to have lived!) in this world with the brain that they have, and how much loving and supporting this brain changes things. 


Yes, I work with complex trauma, dissociation (yes DID), chronic pain, burnout, anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, ASD. I work with what is present for you and I rely a lot on our bodies (somatic), IFS (our parts), EMDR (neurobiology), and your story (narrative) to weave together therapy for you. And yes, I work with individuals; women, men, and gender-diverse folks, (10 years old and up) with folks in relationship too.

I am body-positive, culturally open, spiritually curious and ultimately lean on the resources that are helpful to you.​


Being a person is so complex and you don't have to figure it all out on your own. I know my own complexity and the journey it took to begin to discover my layers of meaning in being in a family raised in the South with immigrant grandparents, in the legacy of responsibility and helping, in my unnoticed neurodivergence, in the relationships that have shaped me since that time, (not to mention motherhood!); this is a journey I didn't take alone and was poured into along the way.​


If you're ready to live a connected, embodied life and you're curious about what it's like to have someone walk that with you, reach out. I'd be beyond honored to walk this with you.


In my non-therapist time, you'll find me walking trails, photographing wildflowers, digging in the earth, playing with my two kids, loving on our Goldendoodle, and ultimately connecting to myself in a way I hope you will too.


what expertise is in the therapy room with you

Internal Family Systems

Level 1 trained, pursuing certification


Level 1 trained


graduate of Trevecca Nazarene University

member of AAMFT

somatically minded

Trauma Focused Yoga trained

Somatic IFS Step One trained

Iyengar yoga nerd

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