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therapy style, fees, curiosities

What is your main style of therapy?

I rely on Internal Family Systems and interpersonal neurobiology, which says we have internalized parts of us that take our experiences, make meaning, and make efforts to protect ourselves and our people. Parts work, then, means befriending and deepening relationships with these parts. Incorporating EMDR, experiential therapy, Enneagram, makes things fun.

I love if this answer excites you - AND - I love if this all sounds like gobbledeegook. The best way I know for taking the words up there and understanding them, is experiencing it. Feel free to connect with me and find out more.

Check out the resources page for books to find out more than this answer.

How long does therapy take?

One session is typically 45-50 minutes, or 90 minutes for an extended session.

As for the length of therapy, it does depend. Depends a lot on what you are bringing to the therapy room, and what you are receiving.

Some folks ask specifically about EMDR processing - and the answer is also that it depends. It can be 1 session and it can also be extended over months, depending on the depth and complexity of what you are processing, and what your external life is like as well.

Do you take insurance?

I am a self-pay clinician, which means I can do therapy with you without crossing the insurance company's list and instead I am focused on you, your story, and your process. It is the easiest thing to provide a superbill for you, which you can submit to your insurance company and receive reimbursement

What are your fees?

My fee for a 50 minute session is $130 and $205 for 90 minutes for individuals, $140 / $220 for couples sessions.

If you feel that you need additional financial help to be able to access therapy, just ask if there are sliding scale spots available.

What is your office space like?

My office is located in Maryland Farms, in a two story building. Although my office is on the second floor, if stairs are a problem for you, there is space available for us to meet downstairs. There is plenty of space in our waiting room, and if it is more comfortable for you, you are welcome to text your clinician upon arrival and wait in your car. ​In the office itself, there are plants, low lighting (not what you see in the picture here), and varying seating options. I am curious about what would feel right to you - don't hesitate to tell me what would make the space more friendly for you, lighting, scents, noises, and anything else sensory-wise.

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